The Forgotten Ghetto

Dutch Jews

Late fall 1942 Dutch Jews move to Asterdorp. This continues untill May 1943. Research shows that all of these people hold a 'Sperre' from the Jewish Council. This means that at least one family member got hold of a much desired job at the council.

The 'Sperren' keep them safe untill spring 1943. The German occupier has started the last fase of the persecution of Jews. Now the stamps in the ID-cards is no longer of value. Jews in possession of such a stamp are also deported. Some Asterdorp Jews now go into hinding. Something which must have taken a lot of time, good contacts and money to prepare.

On July 3rd 1943 Asterdorp is cleared of Jews. The last remaining Asterdorp Jews have to move to East Amsterdam. On July 20th a lot of these people are captured by the Germans in a well organized man hunt.

The Forgotten Ghetto tells the story of the village Asterdorp in North Amsterdam during WWII. The village which was built to re-educate 'anti-socials', the poorest of the poor, was then confiscated by the German occupier who used it as the fourth Juden Viertel of Amsterdam. In fact it was the fourth ghetto of Amsterdam.

From June 1942 untill July 1943 hundreds of Jews had to live there. The first group of Jews who got the order to move to North Amsterdam were mainly refugees from Germany, Poland etc. Most of these people were deported in the summer of 1942 and murdered in Auschwitz.

Only a few people were able te stay behind. They had found protection from the Jewish Council, a job at the council, which made them 'of great importance' and brought them a 'Sperre'; a stamp in their ID's saying they would not be deported. Untill further notice, that is. Safe for the time being.

The Numbers

Most likely 310 Jews lived in Asterdorp. We are not sure, because we have found Jewish Council Cards stating adresses in Asterdorp, how ever we did not find these names in other records.

224 Asterdorp Jews were murdered. Of the people holding a Jewish Council Sperre - the second group - 35% survived. Of all the Dutch Jews not more that 20 to 25 % survived.

Jewish Council Card Levie Fransman